CompTIA A+ Objectives | Full A+ Exam Breakdown

CompTIA A+ certification exam is divided into two parts. Each test requires a separate fee. There is no need for the two A+ certification exams to be taken in the same day, but both must be passed before the whole exam expiry date and have the same set of objectives. The CompTIA A+ certification document is valid for three years following the date of passing the exam.

Both the A+ Core 1 and Core 2 examinations are computer-based and include 90 questions each. Each test has a 90-minute time restriction. Exam results are available after passing the test and completing a brief, obligatory survey.

Before taking the exam, applicants must read and acknowledge CompTIA’s exam guidelines. This section has a time restriction, but it does not count against the exam duration – the actual exam begins with the first exam question. Exam regulations prohibit the use of mobile phones and other gadgets that might be used to cheat on the exam, and they should be placed anywhere in the office before taking the exam.

Answers can be altered throughout the test by returning to any given question; exam questions can also be recorded as unanswered for subsequent review. The list of all sections is also available at the end of the exam before submitting the completed test, so you can return to any question at that time (unanswered questions are marked red). After submitting responses and completing a necessary survey, test results are presented.

CompTIA tests are only offered through Pearson VUE testing facilities as of July 9, 2012. Exams can be scheduled online using the Pearson VUE website, over the phone, or in person at the testing facility. In-person assessment at one of the examination locations is a possibility, as is online testing.

Performance-Based Questions

Current editions of A+ certification tests offer Performance-Based Questions (PBQs) in combination with single/multiple-choice answers and drag-and-drop questions. The test directs the candidate to do a specific activity or solve a specific issue for each performance-based question. The applicant is subsequently placed in a virtual environment to complete the relevant processes. Each question is based on realistic computer settings that will test the candidate’s abilities and knowledge. Command prompts, Windows operating systems, and networking environments are examples of simulated IT infrastructure.

CompTIA A+ Objectives

Core 1 (220-1001) and Core 2 (220-1002). CompTIA A+ Core 1 assesses the abilities required of an entry-level IT professional. Successful applicants will be able to:

  • Assemble components based on client specifications
  • Install, install, and maintain end-user PCs, mobile devices, and software
  • Be familiar with the fundamentals of networking and security forensics.
  • Diagnose, address, and report common problems with hardware and software correctly and safely.
  • Use troubleshooting abilities
  • Provide adequate client service
  • Learn the fundamentals of scripting, virtualization, screen imaging, and deployment.

Preparing for CompTIA A+ Certification Exam

While everyone’s choices on how to study for a certification test vary, there are basic techniques that can get you started and may help you stay organized over the exam preparations.

1. Recognize What Is Expected of You

It’s like driving into a snowstorm without knowing what’s on the exam, what questions you’ll have to answer, and what sorts of questions you’ll see. A better way is to study CompTIA A+ and what it takes to complete the examinations. The more information you have about the questions you will be asked, the better you will be able to assess what you currently know and what you have yet to learn.

2. Recognize the Difference Between What You Already Know and What Is Expected of You

CompTIA A+ test participants come from many walks of life and have varying levels of IT experience. The degree and level of experience you’ve already gained in computer science helps you understand the productivity and importance the test to boost your competency.

While some exam takers may require very little time to complete their study, others may need to devote substantial time and effort to exam preparation. The requirement to learn exam subjects you don’t know or don’t understand quite well is the same for every individual.

3. Discover How to Close Your Knowledge Gap

You can get all or a portion of the knowledge mentioned in the CompTIA A+ test objectives in a variety of methods. The ideal option for you is determined by how you want to study and how quickly and successfully you will acquire and remember the required information.

However, here are a few suggestions:

  • Self-Paced Learning: Self-paced learning, such as using the Zero To I.T. hero programs or the CompTIA Official Learning Materials for CompTIA A+, is the most frequent approach to prepare for your CompTIA A+ test. The books are offered in print and electronic formats, and you can choose how rapidly you want to read them.
  • Classroom Training: Individual classroom training is available from CompTIA Authorized Partners such as Master I.T. if you want to learn with others and a teacher in a group setting. If your entire department needs training, Master I.T. also provides classroom training to corporations.
  • Experience You need to gain experience and practice to pass the exam, you may expedite your learning and enhance your understanding.

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