CompTIA Security+ Objectives | Full Security+ Breakdown

A CompTIA Security+ certification is a must-have to springboard to top-notch cyber security jobs. CompTIA Security+ certification is accepted globally, and can help validate your competency in performing core network security functions. This certification exam focuses heavily on the ability of a candidate to assess, handle, and prevent cyber security attacks.

A candidate who owns a CompTIA Security+ certification possesses the following skills:

  • An understanding of various concepts of penetration testing and vulnerability scanning.
  • Ability to install, configure, and utilize various components of networking to troubleshoot an organizational security hazard.
  • Deploy secure systems design and network architectural concepts to build a secure network security blanket.
  • Sound knowledge of risk assessment and management and its impact on the organization.
  • Ability to install various types of wireless security settings and utilize them to implement a robust public key infrastructure.

Objectives of CompTIA Security+

A CompTIA Security+ certification is often called a baseline security certification that every IT professional must have in their kitty. Before you go ahead with the certification preparation, here are the objectives of the CompTIA Security+ certification that you must be aware of:

  • Threats, Attacks, and Vulnerability: Under this domain, you will have to master the ability to determine and analyze various types of malware such as Ransomware, Viruses, Worm, Trojan, etc. Use your knowledge of various types of cyber attacks and compare and contrast them accordingly, learn in-depth about threat actor types, its attributes, penetration testing concepts, and vulnerability scanning concepts.
  • Technologies and Tools: This domain will familiarize you with the latest developments in the network security system and how to configure them to your advantage. You will need to learn and focus on using adequate software tools to manage the network security of an organization, how to troubleshoot everyday cyber threats, and implement security protocols.
  • Architecture and Design: In this section, emphasis should be laid upon understanding various types of frameworks and their purposes, implementing various architectural concepts, and employing secure systems design. Furthermore, developing an understanding of embedded systems, the importance of physical security controls, and the secure staging of the deployment concepts is also essential.
  • Other important objectives of CompTIA Security+ certification are:
    • Identity and access management
    • Risk Management
    • Cryptography and PKI

Why Opt for CompTIA Security+ Certification?

  • Renowned global IT corporations seek candidates who possess a CompTIA Security+ certification. This validates your knowledge as an IT professional and gives you an edge over the rest of the IT candidates in the market.
  • When you apply for the CompTIA Security+ certification, you get to enjoy hands-on training to refine your practical skills and become better at problem-solving.
  • A CompTIA Security+ certification gives you the opportunity to explore a wide variety of job skills and profiles in the IT industry.
  • Lastly, the Security+ certification course is designed to help you master the aspects of risk assessment and management as per the latest security trends. This not only ensures that you perform better at your job but also helps your organization flourish.

What is the CompTIA Security+ Exam?

This is the baseline certification that will establish your core knowledge and competency for a cybersecurity role. The exam will have a maximum of 90 questions. It will be performance-based and mainly consist of multiple-choice questions.

The time duration of the test will be 90 minutes, and the passing score for the exam will be 750. You can take the exam in the following languages – English, Vietnamese, Japanese, Portuguese, and Thai.

There are no prerequisites to take the CompTIA Security+ exam. However, the organization recommends that a candidate should have at least 2 years of experience in the field of Information and Technology with security as your prime focus. Furthermore, it is recommended that you update your CompTIA Network+ certification beforehand.

How to Prepare for the CompTIA Security+ Exam?

There are multiple ways in which you can prepare for the CompTIA Security+ examination. The ultimate preparation strategy will depend on your career goals, your technical knowledge, and your learning style. Some of the options that you can consider to prepare better for the certification are

  • Preparation Courses
  • Practice Tests
  • Books, Blogs, and other preparation websites such as Professor Messar’s YouTube Channel, Quizlets, etc.
  • Go through the exam experience of candidates to formulate your own preparation strategy.

Enroll in a Training Program

Enrolling in a professional training program will give you the confidence that you need to earn a well-deserved CompTIA Security+ certification. With the help of a training course, you can not only learn the basics of networking devices but also gain a competitive edge over other IT enthusiasts.

In a complete CompTIA Security+ training program, you will get hands-on training on several important concepts such as risks, risk assessment, risk calculation and management, and finally, network devices. Furthermore, you’ll also be able to brush up your knowledge on topics like cybersecurity threats, including viruses, virus application attacks, and antivirus software.

Is Security+ Worth It?

Clearing the CompTIA Security+ exam will give you an excellent return on investment of both your money and time. Your personal career goals will further determine your progress down the line.

This certification will teach you excellent cybersecurity skills to handle any real-world security threats. Here are several job titles that you can pursue as your career after earning a CompTIA Security+ certification:

  • Systems Administrator
  • Database Administrator
  • SOC Analyst
  • Information Security Analyst and Architect
  • Cyber Threat Hunter


Earning a CompTIA Security+ certification is a major achievement and a stepping stone in your cybersecurity career. If you want to build your resume and become a deserving candidate for high-profile jobs, then start preparing for the CompTIA Security+ certification exam today!

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