That Post Could Get You Fired : 3 Tips On Using Social Media Responsibly

That Post Could Get You Fired : 3 Tips On Using Social Media Responsibly.

Social media is a great tool! But it only takes one tweet, snap or post to ruin you life! So lets go through a three ways to use social media responsibly

1. Think Before You Post

You boss just chewed you out! Who needs to know about this? The internet! Right? Wrong! Never make post out of anger or emotion. That post could potentially come back to haunt you! Take a few breaths and think about the impact your post could have.

2. Act Like Your At Work

Understand you are a representation of your company, on and off the clock. If you are acting irresponsibly a company will let you go, as to not tarnish their image. Never act irresponsibly on social media to avoid issues.

3. Don’t Go Viral For The Wrong Reason

The internet is truly undefeated. To ensure all your posts will age well be cognizant of that fact. You don’t want to go viral for something you posted today, or something you posted ten years ago. The internet is for everybody. So if your post is going to offend someone it’s probably better if you don’t hit send.

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