Micheal Jordan is arguely the greatest basketball player of all time. Guess what he had??? A coach! So why would you think you don’t need one to help you navigate through your career? Here’s a few reasons to get a career coach

1. You Hate Your Job

It’s Sunday afternoon and you’re having a great time. Then it hits you! You have to go to that f@#$ing job in the morning. It ruins the rest of you’re Sunday Funday, you sleep terrible and you wake up in shock that it’s time to go to your own personal hell hole. Now that may be a dramatization but believe it or not, for most this is an all true reality. People are stuck in a rut, going to a place they demise. So why not allow someone to guide you in the right direction? Guiding you into a career you love! Working for a paycheck and not a purpose gets old… fast!

2. Looking To Get A Raise / Promotion

You work hard right!? Your boss fully appreciates you and knows the value you bring right!? So you can just go in his/her office and ask for that promotion or raise right!? If you go ask for a promotion or raise because you want one, you’re going to be disappointed. Employers need to know what you’ve accomplished. They also need to know how this raise or promotion would benefit them and the company as a whole. A career coach could provide guidance on how to navigate this tricky, uncomfortable, irritating subject. The career coach can provide clarity on steps needed to gain a promotion/raise. These steps may include additional training, education, certifications or even internships. If you’ve hit a roadblock and seem to have hit your ceiling, a career coach can assist you with breaking through your plateau.

3. You Don’t Know What You Want To Do

Figuring out what career to choose can seems daunting. Everyone at some point in time had no idea what they were going to do with their lives. If you have no sense of direction or dont know what your passionate about, a career coach could be a great help. Guiding you towards your dreams and aspirations.

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