CompTIA Linux+ Acronyms

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ACL Access Control List

ASCII American Standard for Computer Information Interchange

BASH Bourne Again Shell

BIOS Basic Input Output System

CIFS Common Internet File System

CPU Central Processing Unit

CUPS Common Unix Printing System

CVE Common Vulnerability and Exposures

DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

DTLS Datagram Transport Layer Security

EFI Extensible Firmware Interface

EPEL Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux

FTP File Transfer Protocol

GCC GNU Compiler Collection

GPIO General Purpose Input Output

GPT GUID Partition Table GPU Graphics Processing Unit

GRUB Grand Unified Bootloader

GUI Graphical User Interface

GUID Global Unique Identifier

HBA Host Bus Adapter

HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol

HTTPd Hypertext Transfer Protocol daemon

IO Input Output

IP Internet Protocol

IPSEC Internet Protocol Security

ISO International Organization for Standardization

JSON JavaScript Object Notation

KDE K Desktop Environment

LDAP Lightweight Directory Authentication Protocol

LUKS Linux Unified Key Setup

LVM Logical Volume Manager

MBR Master Boot Record

MD5 Message Digest 5

MOTD Message of the Day

NAT Network Address Translation

NFS Network File System

NTFS New Technology File System

NTP Network Time Protocol

OTP One Time Password

OVA Open Virtualization Appliance

OVF Open Virtualization Format

PAM Pluggable Authentication Module

PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect

PID Process ID

PKI Public Key Infrastructure

PTY Pseudoterminal

PXE Pre-execution Boot

RADIUS Remote Authentication Dial-in User Service

RAID Redundant Array of Independent Disks

RDMA Remote Direct Memory Access

RPM RPM Package Manager

SATA Serial Advanced Technology Attachment

SCSI Small Computer Systems Interface

SELinux Security Enhanced Linux

SHA Secure Hash Algorithm

SMB Server Message Block

SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol

SSH Secure Shell

SSL Secure Sockets Layer

SUID Set User ID

TACACS+ Terminal Access Controller Access Control System Plus

TAR Tape Archive

TCP Transmission Control Protocol

TLS Transport Layer Security

TTY Terminal Type

UEFI Unified Extensible Firmware Interface

USB Universal Serial Bus

UTF Unicode Transformation Format

VM Virtual Machine

VNC Virtual Network Computing

VPN Virtual Private Network

XFS Extents File System

XRDP XWindows Remote Desktop Protocol

YAML Yet Another Markup Language

YUM Yellowdog Updater Modified

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