CompTIA Cloud+ Acronyms

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AAA Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting

ACL Access Control List

AES Advanced Encryption Standard

API Application Programming Interface

APM Application Performance Monitor

ARP Address Resolution Protocol

BCP Business Continuity Plan

BGP Border Gateway Protocol

BIA Business Impact Analysis

BLOB Binary Large Object

BMR Bare Metal Restore

BPaaS Business Process as a Service

CAB Change Advisory Board

CaaS Communication as a Service/ Computing as a Service

CapEx Capital Expenditures

CAS Content Addressed Storage

CASB Cloud Access Security Broker

CI/CD Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment

CIFS Common Internet File System

CIIS Client Integration Implementation Service

CLI Command Line Interface

CMDB Configuration Management Database

CM Configuration Management

CMP Cloud Management Platform

CMS Content Management System

CNA- Converged Network Adapter

CNAME Canonical Name

COLO Co-location

COOP Continuity of Operations Plan

CPU Central Processing Unit

CRL Certificate Revocation List

CRM Customer Relationship Management

CSA Cloud Systems Administrator

CSP Cloud Service Provide

DaaS Desktop as a Service

DAC Discretionary Access Control

DAS Direct Attached Storage

DBA Database Administrator

DBaaS Database as a Service

DBMS Database Management Server

DES Data Encryption Standard

DFS Distributed File System

DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

DIMM Dual In-line Memory Module

DLP Data Loss Prevention

DMZ Demilitarized Zone

DNS Domain Name Service

DR Disaster Recovery

DRaaS Disaster Recovery as a Service

DRP Disaster Recovery Plan

DSA Distributed Services Architecture

ECAB Emergency Change Advisory Board

ECC Elliptic Curve Cryptography

FAT File Allocation Table

FC Fibre Channel

FCIP Fibre Channel over IP

FCoE Fibre Channel over Ethernet

FIM File Integrity Monitoring

FTP File Transfer Protocol


GPT GUID Partition Table

GPU Graphics Processing Unit

GRE Generic Routing Encapsulation

GUI Graphical User Interface

HA High Availability

HBA Host Bus Adapter

HDFS Hadoop Distributed File System

HIPS Host Intrusion Prevention System

HTTPS Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

IaaS Infrastructure as a Service

IAM Identity and Access Management

ICMP Internet Control Management Protocol

IDP Intrusion Detection and Prevention

IDS Intrusion Detection System

IFCP Internet Fibre Channel Protocol

IGRP Interior Gateway Routing Protocol

IOPS Input/output Operations Per Second

IPC Instructions Per Cycle

IPMI Intelligent Platform Management Interface

IPS Intrusion Protection System

IPSec Internet Protocol Security

IQN Initiator Qualified Name

IRM Information Rights Management

ISP Internet Service Provider

iSCSI Internet Small Computer Systems Interface

ISNS Internet Storage Name Service

ITIL Information Technology Infrastructure Library

JBOD Just a Bunch of Disks

JSON JavaScript Object Notation

KMS Key Management System

KVM Keyboard Video Mouse

L2TP Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol

LAN Local Area Network

LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

LUN Logical Unit Number

MAC Mandatory Access Control

MBR Master Boot Record

MDF Main Distribution Facility

MFA Multifactor Authentication

MPIO Multipath Input/Output

MPLS Multiprotocol Label Switching

MSP Managed Service Provider

MTBF Mean Time Between Failure

MTTF Mean Time To Failure

MTTR Mean Time To Recovery

MTU Maximum Transmission Unit

NAC Network Access Control

NAS Network Attached Storage

NAT Network Address Translation

NFS Network File System

NFV Network Function Virtualization

NIC Network Interface Controller

NIS Network Information Service

NOC Network Operations Center

NPIV N_Port ID Virtualization

NTFS New Technology File System


NTP Network Time Protocol

NVMe Non-Volatile Memory Express

ODBC Open Database Connectivity

OLA Operational Level Agreement

OpEx Operating Expenditure

OS Operating System

OSPF Open Shortest Path First

OVA Open Virtual Appliance

OVF Open Virtualization Format

P2P Physical to Physical

P2V Physical to Virtual

PaaS Platform as a Service

PAC Proxy Automatic Configuration

PAM Pluggable Authentication Modules

PAT Port Address Translation

PBX Private (or Public) Branch Exchange

PCI Payment Card Industry

PCS Private Cloud Space

PII Personally Identifiable Information

PIT Point-in-Time

PKI Public Key Infrastructure

PSK Pre-Shared Key

QA Quality Assurance

QoS Quality of Service

RAID Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks

RBAC Role-Based Access Control

RC5 Rivest Cipher 5 RDP Remote Desktop Protocol

ReFS Resilient File System RIP Routing Information Protocol

RPO Recovery Point Objective

RTO Recovery Time Objective

SaaS Software as a Service

SAML Security Assertions Markup Language

SAN Storage Area Network

SAS Serial Attached SCSI

SATA Serial Advanced Technology Attachment

SCP Session Control Protocol

SCSI Small Computer System Interface

SDLC Software Development Life Cycle

SDN Software Defined Network

SED Self-Encrypting Drive


SHA Secure Hash Algorithm

SIEM Security Incident Event Manager

SIP Session Initiation Protocol

SLA Service Level Agreement

SMB Server Message Block

SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol

SOP Standard Operating Procedure

SSD Solid State Disk

SSH Secure Shell

SSL Secure Sockets Layer

SSO Single Sign-On

TCO Total Cost of Operations

TCP Transmission Control Protocol

TKIP Temporal Key Integrity Protocol

TLS Transport Layer Security

TPM Trusted Platform Module

TTD Technical Training Device

TTL Time To Live

UAT User Acceptance Testing

UDP Universal Datagram Protocol

UPS Universal Power Supply

UTA Universal Target Adapter

V2P Virtual to Physical

V2V Virtual to Virtual

VAT Virtual Allocation Table

VCPU Virtual CPU

VDI Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

VHD Virtual Hard Disk

VLAN Virtual LAN

VM Virtual Machine

VMDK Virtual Machine Disk

VMFS Virtual Machine File System

VNC Virtual Network Computing

VNIC Virtual NIC

VoIP Voice over IP

VPC Virtual Private Cloud

VPN Virtual Private Network

VRAM Virtual RAM

VRF Virtual Routing and Forwarding

VRR Vulnerability Remediation Request

VSAN Virtual SAN

vSwitch Virtual Switch

VTL Virtual Tape Library

VXLAN Virtual Extensible Local Area Network

WAF Web Application Firewall

WAN Wide Area Network

WMI Windows Management Implementation

WWNN World Wide Node Name

WWPN World Wide Port Name

WWUI World Wide Unique Identifier

XaaS Anything as a Service

ZFS Z File System

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