Year: 2020

CompTIA Linux+ Acronyms

Looking for Security+ objectives? in a new tab) ACL Access Control List ASCII American Standard for Computer Information Interchange BASH Bourne Again Shell BIOS […]

CompTIA Security+ Acronyms

3DES Triple Digital Encryption Standard AAA Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting ABAC Attribute-based Access Control ACL Access Control List AES Advanced Encryption Standard ES256 Advanced Encryption […]

CompTIA Network+ Acronyms

Follow this link for A+ Acronyms AAA Authentication Authorization and Accounting AAAA Authentication, Authorization, Accounting and Auditing ACL Access Control List ADSL Asymmetric Digital […]

CompTIA A+ 1002 Objectives

1.0 Operating Systems 27% 2.0 Security 24% 3.0 Software Troubleshooting 26% 4.0 Operational Procedures 23% 1.0 Operating Systems 1.1 Compare and contrast common operating system […]

CompTIA A+ Acronyms

Here’s the Network+ Objectives as well AC Alternating Current ACL Access Control List ACPI Advanced Configuration Power Interface ADF Automatic Document Feeder ADSL Asymmetrical […]

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