Top 10: Highest Paying IT Certs

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Let’s talk about the 10 highest paying I.T. certificates. If the pandemic has given you some additional free time, one smart way to use it is to develop your professional abilities. There is a large and constant need for qualified IT workers, particularly today that so many firms are confronted with new issues posed by increasingly scattered work settings. As a result, cloud architecture and services, networking, and, of course, IT security capabilities are all very valued commodities.

To meet that need, there is a growing pool of online learning and certification tools available to assist you in leveling up and proving your worth to companies.

The IT industry has shown to be a developing and dynamic business with several rewarding and intriguing prospects. You may anticipate good pay and a great career if you have the correct IT certificates. But, what are the greatest information technology qualifications to obtain? Here’s an article that discusses the top highest paying IT certifications.

1.   Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect Certificate

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Data engineers are in high demand, being one of the most in-demand specialties in the market. Data engineers analyze data to acquire insight into business results, statistical design models to create machine learning models and promote decision making to make important business operations seamless. By gathering, processing, and displaying data, the certification allows data-driven decision-making.

This accreditation, which has been on the market since 2017, is one of the highest-paying in the business. It exhibits professional competence in designing, developing, and managing a cloud-based architecture using the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Candidates need to qualify Google Certified Professional – Data Engineer test to obtain this credential.

2.   AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Associate Certificate

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The AWS Certified Solutions Architect credential resurfaced on the list last year and has risen to the second most sought-after IT qualification for 2021. The AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam is aimed to evaluate your knowledge of AWS system design. If you are an AWS services expert and have knowledge of designing large-scale, distributed systems, this certification might be just what you need to further your career. Candidates must pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (SAA-C01) exam to obtain this credential.

3.   CRISC- Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control Certificate

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With a sharp increase in security breaches throughout the world, there is an increasing demand for individuals that understand IT risk and how it connects to the company. The Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) credential from ISACA assists professionals in developing these in-demand abilities.

CRISC prepares IT professionals to identify, analyze, and manage IT risk, as well as create and implement control mechanisms and frameworks. It also assists employees in developing a standard vocabulary for communicating about security and system control inside IT and throughout the enterprise.

4.   CISM- Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) Certificate

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With a primary focus on information security, this becomes the highest-paying discipline. Your responsibilities will include designing and engineering security measures as well as managing a company’s overall IT security. In addition, as a CISM, you will have access to lines of business outside of IT, allowing you to interact with company stakeholders. Registration is available through both the ISACA website and this exam registration site.

5.   Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Certificate

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If you work in analysis, auditing, systems engineering, or something in between, the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification may be ideal for you. CISSPs are information assurance professionals that are often in charge of identifying the security elements of a company’s overall architecture, controls, and management.

If you pass the exam, which needs a minimum of five years of relevant experience,  the expected annual salary can be $141,452 on average.

6.   Project Management Professional (PMP) Certificate

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The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is the highest prestigious degree of standardized competency in the project management industry. Earning a PMP credential demonstrates to both employers and clients that an individual can provide a high-quality service by efficiently developing and implementing projects. An individual with the PMP credential may expect to earn roughly $135,798 per year.

7.   Certified ScrumMaster

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This is a beginner-level certification that demonstrates your understanding of Agile Scrum and related processes. With this qualification, you can manage the Scrum team, educate them on the framework, and inspire them to execute to the best of their abilities. Certified ScrumMasters also protect against both internal and external distractions. To keep your certification, you must gain Scrum Education Units and renew them every two years.

8.   AWS Certified Developer- Associate

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An Amazon Web Services Certified Developer is a specialist in the development and maintenance of AWS applications. People having this credential are still in great demand. Before taking the certification exam, applicants should have prior expertise with one or more programming languages and AWS. The certification exam covers various topics, such as using Software Development Kits (SDKs) to interact with AWS services, selecting the best fit AWS service for a given situation, and producing code that focuses on application performance optimization.

9.   AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

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The AWS Cloud Practitioner is a relatively new addition to the top ten list, and it is built on the massively successful Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud infrastructure. It sets the base for prominent Amazon cloud certifications, such as AWS Solutions Architect, Developer, DevOps Engineer, and SysOps Administrator.

This certification is for those who have a general grasp of AWS cloud services. Since a fundamental-level certification, it’s frequently held by persons early in their professions, as it serves as a stepping stone to more specialized AWS certifications later on. With the increase in cloud management demand over the previous several years, AWS Certified Cloud Professionals have increased.

10. Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

This entry-level certification gives learners a thorough overview of the IT service lifecycle. ITIL teaches students how to identify business, and IT needs, design solutions, and provide and constantly improve technology-enabled services. The ITIL Foundation is among the rare certifications that acknowledge the relationship between business and innovation. ITIL Foundation qualified managers may expect to earn an annual salary of $120,566.

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An IT certification is a technique of certifying working professionals’ expertise in the software industry through tests and continuous education. Earning an IT certification allows prospective employers to prove that you have the abilities required to fulfill certain job duties. An IT certification can also certify an existing employee who wants to expand their knowledge base and advance their career.

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