Best Electric Truck: Tesla’s Cyber Truck, Ford’s, F150 Lightning, Rivian’s R1T

After nearly a decade of anticipation, some indications indicate that the electric-vehicle era is finally upon us. Several EVs are expected to be released by automakers throughout the next decade. In addition, governorments have promised to prohibit the sale of fuel automobiles. And, with advancements in charging facilities and battery technology, the picture of an electric future is brighter than it has ever been.

The pandemic slowed down the production and sale of electric vehicles. However, we see that the electric vehicles market is again gaining momentum. It seems like a good time for truck lovers and people looking for an Electric Vehicle (EV) truck to gear up because they have a lot coming in next year.

America’s favorite, Tesla, is here with its latest invention. Tesla’s Cybertruck is all set to arrive by the end of this year, while Ford plans to release its F150 lightning around the new year. In fact, a new member in the EV production line, Rivian, is here with its first-ever release R1T electric pickup truck.

Cybertruck, with its eye-catching design, 150 lightning with its classic truck experience, and R1T with its newfangled take on a decade-old business, it will be interesting to watch what grabs the consumers’ attention most. That said, let’s look at each of these models to understand what may better suit your needs.

Release and Production: Rivian First To The Party

Rivian was the first to exhibit its electric car in November 2018 at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The R1T truck and R1S SUV, which share the same design, were introduced as the startup’s initial cars. Rivian had previously said that both would be delivered in the second quarter of 2020, but the virus pushed that timeline back a year. The first operations are now scheduled to begin in January 2022.

A year later, in November 2019, Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck. Tesla had previously stated that the Cybertruck would be available by the end of the year, depending on whether you chose the tri- or dual-motor model of the truck. However, manufacturing has been delayed until 2022, with significant production not projected until 2023.

Ford has set a release date in early 2022 for both F-150 Lightning editions. If Ford sticks to its plan, the first F-150 Lightning will be on the road before Tesla begins production for its first Cybertrucks.

Price Information: Tesla And Ford Giving Best Bang For Buck

The Tesla Cybertruck starts at $39,900 for only one rear-wheel-drive configuration. The dual, all-wheel-drive variant starts at $49,900, while the range is capped by a triple-motor, all-wheel-drive Cybertruck starting at $69,900.

The projected EPA performance of the three Cybertruck models ranges from 250+ miles to 500+ miles. For the time being, the only known alternative is Tesla’s ‘Full Self-Driving’ Autopilot update, which costs $10,000.

Ford, on the other hand, has Tesla beat on pricing. The base F-150 Lightning, which has two engines and all-wheel drive, starts at $39,974. The F-150 Lightning looks a lot like the dual-motor Cybertruck.

Nevertheless, the extensive range of F-150 Lightning does not yet have a tag, although it is expected to be in the mid-$50,000 range.

Rivian R1T’s current price is $67,500. This applies to the Exploring Package and the Large battery pack, the meagerer of the two presently offered by Rivian.

The $10,000 ‘Max’ battery pack extends the projected EPA range from 314 miles to almost 400 miles. Meanwhile, swapping the Explore Package for the Adventure Package raises the price by $5,500 and includes a luxury interior, amid other things.

Design: Tesla The Most Imaginative

The Tesla Cybertruck is the first of its type, and it is not based on any previous vehicles. The Cybertruck was designed to seem like something out of a sci-fi movie from the early 1990s. It’s impossible to dispute that it’s eye-catching, and the unusual angular shape has people talking.

The Cybertruck includes all of the standard truck characteristics, including a 6.5-foot truck bed. Instead of a typical tailgate, the bed comes with an extensible telescopic ramp, which, while unique, has its purposes. The Cybertruck is also engineered to be extremely tough, with Elon Musk boasting that the door can withstand rounds from a 9mm pistol.

The F-150 Lightning’s key selling point is that it is nearly equivalent to its gasoline-powered and hybrid predecessors. There are minor variances on the front end, especially because an electric car doesn’t need a grill, but it’s evident at a look that all F-150s are extremely similar.

Given that Ford F-series pickups have become the finest passenger cars in North America for decades, it’s critical that Ford maintains that trend. Rivian’s R1T pickup truck features a hefty, three-box design, four doors, and a wide cargo bay at the back.

And it doesn’t mean the Rivian isn’t well-designed. Because the transmission includes four motors, each wheel can be operated separately, resulting in outstanding off-road capabilities.

Furthermore, the gear tunnel runs widthwise behind the back doors, offering storage space through the truck’s frame. Rivian has shown how this may be used to store skis and even sell a slide-out camp galley.

Battery and Range: Tesla Goes The Furthest

Even though it isn’t quite as powerful, the Tesla Cybertruck’s entry-level model delivers 250 miles of range for the same price. The dual-motor variant has a range of up to 300 miles, while the tri-motor type has a range of over 500 miles. There is no doubt that the Cybertruck always wins in terms of range.

The base F-150 The Lightning will have a range of 230 miles, while the extended-range variant will have a range of up to 300 miles. This is commendable, even if the stats are a little mediocre.

The Rivian R1’launch T’s edition’ comes in two battery sizes. The smaller battery is 135kWh (which is still greater than almost any other EV battery on the road today) and has a stated range of 314 miles when tested according to EPA standards. The $10,000’max pack’ outfits the vehicle with a 180kWh battery that Rivian says has a range of over 400 miles.


The electric truck business is expected to boom in the following years. Buyers wishing to transition away from internal combustion engines will have plenty of options, thanks to Tesla, Rivian, and Ford’s F-150 Lightning.

Of course, no matter how you look at it, Tesla has the advantage in terms of range. Tesla has spent years investing in improved batteries, as well as lighter and more aerodynamic designs, giving it a significant advantage when it comes to single-charge driving. No other automobile manufacturer can compete with Tesla.

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