What Is The CompTIA A+ Certification?

CompTIA (The Computing Technology Industry Association) is the world’s largest source of vendor-neutral IT accreditation. Having granted over 2 million IT certifications globally, they are devoted to assisting IT professionals in leading the charge in our digitally linked world.

CompTIA has been developing training and certification examinations for help desk support, networking, cybersecurity, interactive (Linux) programming, cloud, and mobility for over 20 years. Their continuous examination review and modifications ensure that CompTIA credentials continue to meet the demands of today’s technological concerns.

CompTIA A+ certification is obtained by completing a series of two examinations designed by IT industry professionals to certify abilities required for entry-level IT positions.

However, CompTIA A+ is more than simply computer repair. CompTIA A+ professionals are better equipped to troubleshoot and fix a broader range of issues, including networking and operating systems, as well as mobile devices and encryption.

Unlike other certificates, which sometimes only demand coverage of a single domain, CompTIA A+ covers a greater range of knowledge needed by specialists today, making A+ applicable to a wider range of work vocations.

How Valuable is CompTIA A+ Certification in 2022?

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The CompTIA A+ test is trusted for establishing IT careers since it verifies your basic knowledge through performance-based assessments. This means that when you study for the test, you will be immersed in simulated real-life settings similar to those you may experience on the job.

To acquire CompTIA A+, you must actively do activities during your certification test rather than simply answering questions to assess your knowledge. Employers who want or need CompTIA A+ certification recognize its benefit.

Even though there is merit, individuals still wonder if CompTIA A+ is sufficient to land a job. It can be, but it also depends on your level of experience.

Here’s an interesting fact: CompTIA A+ is mentioned in one out of every ten IT support job postings. So having CompTIA A+ on your résumé can put you ahead of non-certification holders in the queue for an interview.

However, there are additional factors to consider. Employers, for example, would want to learn how many years of expertise you possess. Having information is only half of the problem; demonstrating your ability to act on that information is the other.

There are a few options for gaining valuable hands-on experience. You may share your technical knowledge with friends and family, seek to take on a few tech support chores at your present employment, even if it isn’t your major role, or just ask the IT team when they need assistance with anything. The IT industry is well-known for sharing knowledge and working together on initiatives. When your company’s IT professionals hear about your career ambitions, they’ll be more likely to train you when they’re able.

How Much Does a CompTIA A+ Certification Cost?

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Aspiring IT professionals are also curious about the cost of CompTIA A+ certification and how much revenue they can earn with a CompTIA qualification.

Candidates for the CompTIA A+ Core Series must pass two tests: Core 1 (220-1001) and Core 2 (220-1002). (220-1002).

Mobile devices, networking technologies, equipment, virtualization, and cloud technology, and system troubleshooting are all covered in Core 1. Core 2 includes operating system installation and configuration, enhanced security, software debugging, and operational processes.

Each exam necessitates the purchase of a certification ticket. Each voucher costs $232 in the United States. There are, of course, several methods to save cost with these voucher discount offers.

It’s crucial to realize that getting your CompTIA A+ certification is an investment in oneself. It’s something that will reward you back several times over as your IT career progresses. The majority of CompTIA A+ certification recipients go on to work in IT assistance, such as as a help desk technician.

Help-desk technicians troubleshoot technological difficulties and interact with customers. According to the Dice survey, help-desk technicians make an average of $51,553 per year. As you acquire experience, you will be promoted to Tier II or Tier III Specialist. You’ll earn more money as you improve these talents.

According to the Dice research, CompTIA A+ is among the highest-paying IT qualifications in the US, with A+ holders earning $78,629. Take into account that this compensation covers IT professionals at all levels, including those just starting out as well as those who obtained their CompTIA A+ years back and have improved their careers.

It’s difficult to keep track of the numerous IT support job titles. Fortunately, the CompTIA research team has prepared a list of the top 16 IT support job titles – and you’ll see how well each one pays on average.

Getting CompTIA A+ Certified

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If you have little to no IT expertise, you may find studying for the CompTIA A+ test more difficult than others. But that’s the beauty of CompTIA test preparation: you choose your beginning point and your study method.

CompTIA provides conventional instructor-led training as well as self-study choices, and you may take your exam on-site at an authorized testing facility or digitally from the comfort of your own home. They even included a study checklist to set you up on how you’ll study for your test and just how much time you’ll need.

Passing your CompTIA A+ tests usually necessitates a study and training commitment. It may take days or weeks to prepare for the two examinations that lead to a CompTIA A+ certification, based on what you have already learned, how comfortable you are with computer systems, and how readily you can learn new concepts. However, when you obtain your certification, you will have not only a recognizable professional credential but also a certificate of success and accomplishment that you can proudly display.

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