Month: October 2018

Hiding In Plain Sight: What’s Steganography?

Steganography Ever wanted to send a hidden message?  With Steganography, you can do just that! Special steganography software place messages in otherwise ordinary pictures.  To […]

IBM Just Had The Biggest Software Acquisition In It’s History: 34 Billion Price Tag

IBM just acquired open source software company Red Hat to the tune of 34 billion dollars.  IBM bought all shares of Red Hat in cash, […]

Tech Tips: 5 Things You Must Do When An Employee Leaves Your Organization

No matter how great the organization, sometimes wonderful employees decide to leave the company.  There are a few things you have to do to ensure […]

Intrusion Prevention Vs Intrusion Detection

Both a NIDS AND NIPS safeguard against intrusions.  The major difference is that a NIDS alerts you to the intrusion and a NIPS tries to […]

How Easy Is It To Guess Your Passwords? Brute Force VS Dictionary Attacks

No matter if your logging into your bank account or into Netflix you need a password, so how strong is yours?  Hackers are working diligently […]

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