Year: 2018

What’s the difference between the internet, an intranet & an extranet?

In networking, there are various forms of architecture.  Many are familiar with the internet but may be unaware as to what intranets and extranets are.  […]

New CompTIA A+ Exam Requirements

CompTIA A+ Exam Requirements The A+ exam was just updated to the 220 1001/1002.  Below is what to expect. Price The  CompTIA A+ Exam A+ […]


So bring your own device is exactly what it sounds like, you allow employees to bring their personal devices to be used on the corporate […]


Ransomware is a form of malware that is especially nasty.  When you are under a ransomware attack your data is literally held hostage.  Most times […]

Rooting VS Jailbreaking

Android and Apple Devices come with firmware directly from the factory.  Firmware is simply software created and distributed directly from the manufacturer.  If the software provided by […]

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