Ransomware is a form of malware that is especially nasty.  When you are under a ransomware attack your data is literally held hostage.  Most times the attacker demands money and will not release the data until payment is made.


The WannaCry virus started taking hostages in April 2017.  Encrypting files on a users computer, then send them a message stating “Pay us 300$ and will send you the decryption key”.  The virus exploited a vulnerability in the Windows operating system that gave hackers elevated privileges. The virus was widespread and leaked into over 250,000 organizations in over 100 countries affecting millions.  But the scariest part of all is that the virus is still at large.

Protecting Your Data

To circumvent the dangers of ransomware try the following

  • Updates / Patch Management –  Ensure that all antimalware is kept up to date and all devices have been patched.
  • User training – Ensure all users know safe browsing practices and what to do in case of an incident


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