Rooting VS Jailbreaking


Android and Apple Devices come with firmware directly from the factory.  Firmware is simply software created and distributed directly from the manufacturer.  If the software provided by the manufacturer doesn’t quite fit your needs you have an option to change it.  You can download custom firmware onto your device.  If you download a custom OS onto an Android its called rooting , if you do the same on an Apple device its called jailbreaking.  With both rooting and jailbreaking the possibilities are endless!  You can add or remove functions, make an iPhone more like an android or vice versa, and even create your very own operating system from scratch!  Those are some of the advantages.  Unfortunately, most times when using custom firmware the cons outweigh the pros.

Heres some reasons  why using a custom OS is  a bad idea:

  • Voids warranty
  • Updates may no longer work
  • Cellphone carrier may be unable to unlock the phone
  • Viruses may be introduced to your device via backdoors.

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