New CompTIA A+ Exam Requirements

CompTIA A+ Exam Requirements

The A+ exam was just updated to the 220 1001/1002.  Below is what to expect.



The  CompTIA A+ Exam A+ exam is broken down into two exams:

  •  CompTIA A+ Exam 901 – Focuses on hardware 170$ US
  •  CompTIA A+ Exam 902- Focuses on software 170$ US

Total examination costs =330$ US (varies depending on location).  

To become  CompTIA  A+ certified students must successfully complete both exams



You have 90 minutes to complete the CompTIA A+ Exam.  However, once the exam has started there are no breaks given unless there is a malfunction with the test.



The CompTIA A+ exam has a maximum of 90 questions.  There is a myriad of questions types such as:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Answer
  • Drag & Drop
  • Simulation

Passing Score


The passing score for each test is as follows:

  • 901- 675 out of 900
  • 902- 700 OUT OF 900



Students must recertify every three years.  Students can waive recertification by enrolling into CompTIA’s continuing education for an annual fee.  Another route to recertification is by simply acquiring a higher level certification.  For example, a student who is A+ certified, can get security+ certified as well.  In doing so they not only obtain the Security+ certification but also renew their A+ certification.

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