When internships come to mind many people think they’ll be a glorified coffeemaker. Although you may have to go on a coffee run here and there, internships can offer invaluable opportunities. Look I get it. You’re probably like most people when it comes to working for free, you immediately dismiss the opportunity without giving it a second thought. Internships shouldn’t be viewed as free labor, more as an opportunity to gain experiences you didn’t have before. If you’re totally against internships here’s three reasons you may want to give them a shot.

1. Knowledge

Let me preface this advice with this applies to stand up trustworthy organizations. If you are an intern and feel at anytime your being abused or mistreated… leave! Nothing is worth your dignity and peace of mind. With that being said, lets get into the list!

Who better to learn from than people already in the field! The knowledge that’s not earned in the classroom or during training, can be found in others. During internships you will gain the knowledge of your desired position and your field as a whole. Knowledge truly is power! For that reason alone a few hours of your time in exchange for tutelage is priceless.

2. Experience

Many college students find it difficult to find employment once they graduate. They have the degree but have zero experience. Career changers also find it difficult to transition to new opportunities due to lack of experience. This is where internships become vital! An internship can give you that experience that employers are looking for!

3. Networking

The connections you can possibly make during you’re internship can be invaluable. During your internship you can meet the people in your field and those who control it. You’ll have access to anyone at the organization (as long as you’re wiling to work for it). Many times yesterday interns are today’s employees. While doing an internship people will take notice of you. Make sure their noticing you for the right reasons!

Bonus: Shadowing

No matter where you work, they’ve got an I.T. department. You can asks the I.T. team if it’s ok for you to shadow them a few days out of the week. Of course make sure your duties for the day are done before you begin shadowing. This mean that shadowing may have to take place before or after your work is done. If tech isn’t your lane asks the department that interest you most if you can shadow them. Through shadowing you can get a intimate picture of day to day life in the field.

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