CompTIA Certification: What To Expect Testing From Home?

Nearly one year ago, the normalcy of the world was disrupted. The education system has been the hardest hit by this new normal. Schools had no choice but to take their operations online. The new climate forced everyone to pivot and CompTIA was no different, especially seeing that people had more time on their hands and were using it to level up their skills and develop professionally in their specific areas.

So CompTIA pivoted and started to offer ‘At Home Testing’. For you, this means that not only can you study at home using the internet but you can also do the assessment online. 

This article will help you prepare for testing at home and make you aware of what you need to look out for. It will also shed some light on why at-home testing may be a better option over testing at a test center.

At Home Testing

How To Prepare

CompTIA is now allowing students to test from home

Preparing for an online test is not much different from preparing for an in-person test. However, with preparing for CompTIA At-Home Test, there are a few specific things you must do.

  1. You must review the policies and procedures to ensure that online testing is for you.
  2. Perform a system test on your machine to ensure it is compatible with the Pearson VUE online proctoring software.
  3. Create a Pearson VUE account. This is necessary for you to be able to schedule your exam.
  4. Choose the date and time that works for you but ensure that your timezone is correct because the time and date correspond with the time zone preference.
  5. Go over what is allowed and not allowed during the exam.
  6. Ensure you have your ID on hand.
  7. Clear your surroundings of books and writings as well as additional computer monitors.
  8. Lastly, read, reread and reread again.

At-Home Testing

What To Expect

  1. Expect to be on camera for the entire duration of the test.
  2. The platform used to proctor the CompTIA Certification exam comes with a built-in digital whiteboard that you can use for writing purposes.
  3. The room where you will be taking the assessment must be a walled room with a closed door. No one can be in the room with you.
  4. You will be expected to scan your room. This will determine if you are ready to enter the exam. Ensure your workspace is free from books, pens, additional monitors and paper.

Testing At Home

Maybe Better than Testing at a Test Center

Your choice of testing will depend on your preference. Online testing offers you maximum flexibility with where you can do your exam. At-Home testing also gives you the flexibility to choose any time for your test as the tests are run on a 24-hour basis. You are able to do the test in the safety, security and privacy of your own home. Doing your CompTIA Certification Exam at home gives you the same secure monitoring conditions and environment as a testing center.

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