5 Reasons To Get Certified In 2020

Top 5 Reasons To Get Certified In 2020

  1. More Money
  2. Time commitment
  3. Specialized Training
  4. Career Control
  5. Stand out from crowd

1. More Money


Having specialized training garners more money! Becoming I.T. certified allows you to have a higher starting salary than your cert less counterparts. Being certified also gives you great leverage for raises/promotions if you’re already in the Information Technology Field.  According to payscale.com the median income for a certified I.T. professional is over 61,000$ a year. This figure can reach six figure territory with experience and the right certifications. Don’t know where to start your certification journey? Read this blog to find out what to expect from the A+ exam, which is what most I.T. professionals start their journey with.

2. Time Commitment


The time commitment needed for certification is far less than most believe. Although, study time and requirements differ depending on certification desired. Most certifications can be obtained with 60 days of strenuous studying.  Certifications also ensure you’re aware of emerging technologies and sharpen the skills you’ve already obtained. With hectic schedules certifications can be an attractive option.

3. Specialized Training


The I.T. field is huge! Firstly, with so many avenues to pursue having a specialized skill set is very valuable. Get all the training you want, without any extra fluff.  I.T. certification allows you to be specialized in one field or as many fields as you like. The training allows you to navigate in I.T. and control the course of your career.

4. Take Control Of Your Career


Certification puts you in the drivers seat, ensuring you end up at the destination of your choice! Certifications allow you to determine the trajectory of your career.  Certs give you the skills and confidence to march to your own beat. If you want to be the captain of your ship, certification is the way to go!

5. Stand Out From The Crowd


By becoming certified you’ll stand out from the competition. With employers receiving 1,000’s of resumes for job every post, you have to stand out! What better way than a certification? Certification shows employers you take your career serious!   Certifications are a great way for employers to ensure you can actually perform the job.

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